I realize that it  is a very prosaic subject but so important, especially after enjoying a cold beer or a fresh juice. Further more it is not so easy to find a restroom (Casa de bahno in Portugues) functioning and very easily accesible in Lisbon.
There is a couple of public toilets that generally are for free, but you can leave some coins in a basket at the entrance.


  • Largo do Se - based underground in front of the main Cathedral Se and St. Anthony's Church
  • Largo de Camoes - Public restroom, based underground at Largo de Camoes, in front of Brazilian Consulate. Entrance close to a Qiosque and Camoes Statue.
  • Largo Trinidade Coelho - Public restroom based underground, in front of Saint Roque Church.
  • Campo Martires da Patria - Public restroom, based below the stree going along the park. In front of Pingo Doce Cambpo Santa Ana. Closed after 5 p.m.
  • Santa Apolonia Railway Station - Restroom located by the plaform, inside the railway station.
  • Cais do Sodre Railway Station - Restroom close to the platforms, paid 0,50 eur.
  • Praca da Figueira - Public paid restroom, at the tramway 15 stop. Most of the time not working.
  • Anjos - Two public restrooms, one  in front of the Church of Our Lady Queen of Angels, paid, most of the time not working. The second one behind the church. 
  • Jardim Constantino - Public restroom in a park named Jardim Constantino, in front of Mini Prec. Very nice building, easy to recognize. 
  • Jardim da Estrela - Public restroom in the park Jardim da Estrela.
  • Armazens do Chiado - Restroom in the shopping center Armazens do Chiado. Based underground. Take the stairs on the left after entering the center from Rua do Carmo.
  • Pingo Doce Rua 1. Dezembro - Restroom in Pingo Doce, behind the tills, on the left from entrance, in front of the ATM (Multibanco).
  • Pingo Doce Campo Santa Ana - WC underground. You have to take a lift in front of the tills in the market and go -1. Restroom at the underground parking area.
  • Pingo Doce Sao Jorge - Restroom in Pingo Doce, after tills, behind lifts. Most of the time locked but ask the till or a security guy.
  • Continente Saldanha - Restroom in a Continente market. You will need to ask to unlock it at the till.
  • Atrium Saldanha - Restroom on the 1st floor of the shopping center, close to the perfumeries.
  • Mercado 31 de Janeiro - Restroom inside a local market with fresh products. Market closes in the afternoon.
  • Continente Rua de Arroios - Restroom on the right side of the entrance, before tills.
  • LIDL Rua Forno do Tijo - Restroom inside a LIDL market - Forno do Tijo. Can be locked, ask to open at the till.
Almost all pastelarias have restroom for customers. 

There is no restrooms at the metro station.